Logos are always the biggest challenge for graphic designers.

The need to be instantly recognisable, capture a positive corporate image, have a concept that communicates and is memorable, work in black and white, both small and large. We are logo design experts. The most important goal is to promote brand recognition and awareness. Business owners want their customers and potential clients to remember you and recognize the product or service through the visual cue this symbol provides. It's amazing to realise that recent statistics indicate that the average child can recognize and identify over 85 corporate images, but only a handful of species of birds! It's evidence of the power of a successful advertising campaign in contemporary, mass-media-dominated society, and the expert design work behind some fine logos. Another important reason to have an excellent logo design is to raise the impact of your website and/or product.

A professional, eye catching logo immediately establishes a visual impact and promotes credibility.It's pretty obvious on the other hand, that an amateur or poorly designed logo reflects poorly on your business image. This is especially important in the online world, where the visual image is all that reaches the senses. In e-commerce, your site is your shop.

In real world of bricks and mortar, you will never attract new clients with a dirty, grungy store with badly painted signage! Make your visitor's first impression a good one with a contemporary and professionally designed logo! Call us now!



Graphic Design

We design logos, brochures, business cards, flyers - all the advertising and marketing collateral you need to drive your business.

It all starts with the logo. Logos are so simple but they remain the first great challenge after the name in setting up your business. They should work billboard size and on a grainy fax, so have to look good in both colour and black & white.

Call us now and talk over your graphic design needs. We are competitive in out pricing and strive to be a friendly, reliable local service provider with great support. If you feel stumped for ideas we can help... and we are great at  logo design.

Don't hesitate to phone or email us with any questions or to book a free consultation. We're here to help.

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