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Video & Web Marketing client : The Public Group

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The Public Group incorprates Public-Democracy Pty Ltd and Public-Democracy America. It originally was established with a mission to empower constituency to influence public policy and poliical outcomes by providing new more efficient tools for prospective decision makers to trial policies, products and content.

Byron Bay Interactive has developed the corporate identity, branding, print collateral, website and extensive video marketng material for the Public Group. Click "Read More" below to see a gallery of example videos.

The Public Group are a Big Data marketing organisation with a major asset comprising a databse of 114 million US users of voting age. They combine this powerful marketing tool with their innovative App for smart devices.

The Public-Democracy App can change the way people interact with all forms of digital content:

  • Visual content (videos, TV & mobile devices),
  • With each other (mutual response & interactivity),
  • With their elected representatives (Local, State & Federal),
  • Globally in Communities of Interest (social, environmental and political advocacy).

The platform empowers people through the use of web tools, downloadable applications for smart phones, tablets and other devices, and secure intranet solutions.

For information on the company visit :

For information on the App visit

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